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What sex and color puppy are you interested in?
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When would you ideally like to add a puppy to your family?
Who will the puppy be sharing the home with?
If you have children, what are their ages?
Is someone home during the day?
If not, what arrangements will be made for the puppy?
Have you owned a dog before?
If so, what happened to it?
Do you plan to crate train the puppy?
How do you intend to ensure the safety of your puppy while he/she is outside (such as kennels, chain link, invisible fencing, etc.)?
Would an older puppy or dog interest you if one became available?
Where did you hear about our kennel?
All puppies are temperament tested at the age of seven weeks. Once the evaluation process is complete we will then match the appropriate puppy to the appropriate family.

To reserve a puppy we will need to first approve your questionnaire. Once approved a $400 non refundable deposit will reserve your puppy.  
All puppies are sold as companions and are sold with a spay/neuter agreement.

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