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Hi Sherrye and John,

I just wanted to let you know that Jada is doing great and we all just LOVE her. She has so many great qualities as a dog and I am definitely great-ful to have her! She loves to play fetch and cuddle, she is great with children and loves to play with other dogs. Jada has been extremely easy to train and many people have told Ricky and I how great of a dog she is due to how well she minds and her friendliness! I have attached several photos of Jada and in each photo she is approximately four months. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks again for selling us such a wonderful dog!

Brittney Vigue

Black lab

Hi Sherry,

Well it's been a while, actually 18 months Raven's age since we've spoken. During that time Raven has been training 3 to 4 times a week for her job as a duck/goose retriever. Here are a couple of pic's of her work. She retrieved all these ducks and a few were shot without her seeing them go down and she had to find them in a very thick swamp. She did outstanding. These pic's are from 10/13 and 10/16. Oh and she is also a great dog to have around the house. Extremely friendly with people too much sometimes. Thank you for a great dog.


I thought you would like to see how astro is progressing. He's such a good dog. We love him.

Karen Stotik


Hi Sherrye,

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of our girl Remy. We couldn't be happier! She is growing like a weed! Thanks again, Kira

Karen Stotik




Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we took Boomer, now 19 mos., to the Dock Dogs event this past weekend. He loves to jump off the dock at camp so we thought we'd let him give it a try. I handled him in the first wave to see how he'd do and he bailed out 12'10" in his first attempt. My 11 year old daughter Selena wanted to take a shot at handling him so we entered her next. He handled like a dream for her despite approx 40 other dogs and a very large crowd. She ended up qualifying him for the finals ( the top 8 longest jumps for the entire weekend ) in the number 3 spot. She entered the finals against 6 dogs that travel with Dock Dogs and had all jumped in competition previously and one local Maine dog that had never jumped before either. Two jumps later and Boomer and Selena took the Amateur Big Air title with a jump of 18' 1" ! What an amazing underdog story. Needless to say Lori and I are VERY proud of the them both. Boomer is an absolute snuggle boy in the house but works with extreme desire when it comes to retrieving, especially downed birds. Last year he had 37 retrieves by 11 mos old and NEVER left a bird behind. Couldn't be happier or prouder of him. Thanks a million.

Bo Garside


Owned by Matthew Horgan DVM
Brunswick, Maine

Black Lab puppy

Hi Sherrye and John

I just wanted to say hello, and to thank you again for the beautfil black lab that we picked up from you in November. "Mabel" is doing beautifully! She is such a wonderful dog. She's gorgeous, and obedient, and funny, and smart! I love her to pieces! hello to all of her lab relatives for us! Thanks again! I've attached a pic!

Best, Becky Munsterer and Rick Hughes

Yellow Lab puppy

Owned by Ellen Stewart of Bath Maine

Chocolate LabChocolate Lab puppy


Hi Sherrye,

It is Natasha and Peter Creaser, the owners of the chocolate lab Koko. It has been a while since we have been in touch. Actually the last time was when you watched Koko when our daughter, Alexis was born about 7 months ago. I am pleased to say that Koko has adjusted very nicely to the baby. In fact, the dog is one of the baby's favorite things :o)




We absolutely love our little Whaler - he brings as such joy and his nick-name is Mr Glee - always happy and smiling. Morgan, his older adopted 9 year sister, loves him as well and carefully raised and nurtured him. Whaler always wants to be at her side watching for her lead.. Monday he goes in for his "operation" and I hope it goes well and doesn't affect his "Glee" - said the overly concern father that I am! Thanks again and we could be happier - that unconditional love thing is truly amazing for the soul.

Regards, Ken Chipman and Jennifer Hallet


Sherrye and John,

Sadie(from Mya and Gage) is now almost 10 months old. We just wanted to write a quick note with a picture to let you know how she is doing. Needless to say we absolutely adore her. She is such a joy to have around. At my side always and so eager to please everyone. A very smart and sweet girl with a gentle soul.

We didn't think we would be able to have another lab as we lost our 14 year old, yellow , female last November. Sadie has not only healed us from that loss, we have learned that personalities are so different we do not compare the two of them. She was so easy to train thanks to your guidance and wealth of knowledge. We now see that these dogs, with their sweet faces, can easily train us if we are not careful. We were consistent and firm from day one and that has paid off as she now knows her boundaries(still tests us once in a while!). Your advice on crate training was taken and well worth the small investment made. She was housebroken in a matter of a few weeks. Such a smart girl......

Thank you both so much for such a wonderful, loving addition to our family.

Kara and Bob Bates Brunswick, Maine

Black Lab

Dear Sherrye and John,

I've been meaning to write to you guys since day one, guess having a puppy got me sidetracked! First, i have to thank you again for an absolutely fantastic dog. I got Sam from the litter from Lola and Jinx. His first visit to the vet brought him rave reviews. Dr. Mills was very impressed with his demeanor, he is super mellow and confident as well. Through the grapevine i have heard that sam is one of his favorite dogs at the vet clinic!! He has also recommended that i wait until around 9 months to neuter sam, this way he can gain the most from his development. What finally triggered my memory to write was getting to meet Bella! Everyone who has met sam has loved him, naturally they want to know where i got him. An old timer i hunt with stopped by last week, loved him and told his son about him and you and thats where bella comes into play!! She is beautiful as well, you guys do a great job!

Joe Tomazin

Dear Mallard Point,

Just returned from Montana hunting sharptails, Huns, Sage Hens and wild Pheasants.

Took PURDEY, who is now 28 months out of Joker and Stormy(?)

He was terrriffic ! We all had a blast, especially Purdey. This was his first big hunt, and he hung right in there, including clobbering a big wounded cockbird that tried to run away. He hunted hard every day, and acutally responded in time when I called him off of a skunk he had flushed !!

He is a lovely animal. Bright, responsive, well mannered. He loves the family.

Unquestionably, he is the best dog I've ever had.

Thank you !!

J. Marc Pipas, MD

Hello, just a note to share some great news. Boomer retrieved his first duck this afternoon on his first hunt! I'm very proud and so is he. He carried it all the way back to the truck and then down the hall into the kitchen to show Mom and Sis when we got home. Took some pics and I'll send them to you when we get them into the computer. By the way, we jump shot these birds on foot and he worked off the lead the whole time. Good Boy!

Thanks again, Bo Garside

Bo Garside

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note and some pictures of Izzy. She is a wonderful dog and we love her and are enjoying her so much. She has lots of energy and is very smart. Izzy is now almost 8 months old and weighs about 45 pounds. We walk her about 3 miles per day. The obedience training is going pretty good. We start an intermediate class this Wednesday night with the older dogs. Hopefully she'll behave. She gets so excited to be with other dogs and play. She was spayed on September 25 and is recovering nicely. It's so hard to keep a 7 month old lab quiet for 2 weeks, but we've done it.

Enjoy the pictures.

Thank you so much!

Peg and Fran Bastien

Hi Sherrye,

I thought you might be interested in how Bodie is doing. I'll never forget the day we met you at the vet's in Brunswick (Aug 2, 2007) and you walked out with her in your arms. She is beautiful. She's average in size and weighs about 66 lbs. People actually stop me on the street when she's out with me to comment on what a beautiful dog she is.

She recently passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test as well as the test for therapy dog for Love On a Leash Foundation. She visits a variety of places: assisted living, nursing home, library and school. No matter where we go everyone says she's a sweetheart!

Needless to say, she is absolutely cherished in our family.

I check your web site periodically and always enjoy the photos. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work!


Cool dudes

Yellow Lab
Dear Sherrye,

Madison has been such a great addition to our family. She has a wonderful disposition and is loved by everyone who meets her. My boys, ages 5 and 2, absolutely adore her and they are so happy to have such a great new playmate. Now that she is out of the puppy teething stage she is very gentle with them. She loves to be outside running around with the kids but also likes her afternoon naps with them (as you can see). I was amazed at how fast and easy the house breaking was, only one week and she was trained, thanks to the use of the crate and a watchful eye. We are also working with a trainer on basic dog obedience and we are all impressed by how quick she learns new skills. We have had Madison since February and we love her so much, it would be hard to imagine not having her. She has been a joy and I would highly recommend one of your labs to anyone who wants a loving, trusting companion especially someone who is concerned because they have small children. They have great temperaments and seem the happiest when they are with their family.

Thanks again for such a great dog and I hope these photos work well for you. Please feel free to use any of the information for your website testimonials.

Michelle, Bill & the Boys

September, 2005


Chocolate Lab

Hello Sherrye,

Thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of Bailey

Wes & Kelly



Hello Sherrye,

Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday. Brianne is doing wonderful. Everyone asks me where I got her. The Vet is in love with her...said he hasn't seen a cuter dog....Every time I bring her in they take around to every one. Lets just say she is pretty spoiled. Very intelegent! She is fully house trained and knows all the basic commands.

I have attached some photos of her in case you would like to see what see looks like.

We just love her. Have a very happy holiday!
Tim and Val

Chocolate lab

Sherrye - Hello,

All is well here with fischer, we just adore him. he is smart and sweet and calm, everything we wanted in a dog.



Thought you might like an update on our boy Buck. He is the best family dog we could have! By any standard he is laid back, but given that he is just over a year, he is amazingly calm. Nothing rattles him--not kids pulling and tugging, cats attacking, strangers coming to the door. He just takes it all in and keeps wagging that tail.


Black lab

Black lab

Hi Sherrye,

Gunner is getting huge!! He is still so laid back and calm!!! I have 5 people who tell me they want him if I don't. Huh, this boy aint going anywhere but with me!!! Everyone who sees him gets a whole different feeling towards labs!! They all say is he really pure bred cause he is so calm and sensible. Then of course I say what do you think! Look at his conformation!!!! HE is always on his back with feet in air. Not submissive just his preference. Thanks again, he is so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sherrye,

This guy is just wonderful. He's about 9 months old and 75 pounds. He loves to be outside watching the birds, getting sticks or just sniffing the ground. He's very different from our first lab, he talks to us:-) Mostly wines and groans to tell us what he wants. And if you don't pay attention to him he just may give you a big bark or a tug on the sleeve:-) We just started going to the dog play group at Bowdoin College on the weekends, he loved it. We have been taking him to the grocery store every Friday night since we brought him home. He loves to see all the people, especially the kids. He and I either site out front or walk the mall. He was scared of the cars at first, but now they don't bother him. We have a pet sitting service comes each weekday to let him out at lunch time to pee and play. They bring other dogs for Bode to see. Speaking of his name, it's from the Olympic skier Bode Miller, thus Bode Olympus. We thought it was very cute. Bode was neutered right at the six month mark, made a difference in his being dominant of us and others. He sleeps on the bed with us, what a bed hog and snoring fool. Kennel and potty training was very easy with him, took just a week to do. He is so cute, nice block head, strong legs and a coat that just shines.


Scott, Kathie and Bode



Hi Folks!

Bob and I have always had Labs (7+) over the years but "Jessie" is that special one! Bob just loves her and she loves to ride in the truck. She also knows who gives Scooby Snacks - the bank, drugstore, etc. She is a lot of fun, full of energy and great with people and other dogs (but don't touch her ducks!). She sits outside and watches the snow fall and then goes bonkers to catch the snow flakes. She watches the outdoor channel on TV and gets ready when she hears a duck call. She is a "bed hog" but usually she likes the floor or recliner. She is comical and makes us laugh - Ex. when she takes off with motel sheets and races around the cellar or retrieves all the washcloths up to the kitchen from the laundry baskets! When you pet her she falls over sideways which gets a laugh from everyone.



Black lab


Gosh, she's just great! Bob brought her in after 10 geese (her first) and she was so tired she couldn't wag-a-tail! Friends of ours are so happy to have her with them in the blind as she's so good.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful companion.

Linda, Bob & Jessie
Waddington, NY


Hi Sherrye:

Casco is doing very well. He weighted 43.4 lbs at his vet visit on Friday. He is handsome. He really is developing nicely and is very intelligent. We will begin obedience classes in January, now that he's had all his vaccinations. I've given your name to several people, as everyone thinks Casco is the greatest!

Thanks again!

Julie B.

Dear Sherrye:

Just a note to tell you that Chipper is going up to Frances' to college to get his dog obedience degree for a month. I don't know how I'm going to do without him for so long but I know it is for his and my good.

Jim at Sukee's says he's awfully smart as well as did the Vet. yesterday when he had his heart worm test. He goes real well on training collar and leash. I love him to pieces!!

East Winthrop, Maine

Hi Sherrye & John:

Thank you for giving us a chance to raise one of your pups. The only thing wrong is the Rugar thinks cats are the other white meat!!! He is house and kennel trained. What a great dog.

Thanks again. I will pass the word about the pups around here.

Dawn, Duane, Casey & Rugar

Dear Mrs. Rankins:

Just thought we should let you know that the Black Lab puppy, whelped in your kennel on March 11. The puppy that you sold to my wife Barbara, is growing rapidly and fast becoming the most popular member of our family. You may remember that Barbara and our four children gave me this animal on my 81st birthday. He is not the first retriever in our family....we have had two others, a black bitch who, in our first year of marriage when we were living in Millinocket, and her first season, produced an unintended litter of twelve mongrels. Later, we for many years owned a king-sized, gentlemanly golden who raised our four children from infancy. The day he died they all cried their eyes out.

Of course, this animal is still a puppy, independent and, at times, a wild Indian, but already he has shown us that he is an intelligent fellow who responds to kindness and patience and surely will be a vital family member and a fine hunting dog. From the first day he was dropped in my lap, I started calling him "Tar" and that is the name appearing on his A.K.C. registry, Mallard's Point Tar. Both my son and grandson are ardent duck hunters who rise from their beds at 4:30 A.M. to be out on the Harpswell marshes at daybreak to blast away at the local blacks and mallards.

Maybe later in the Fall, on the way to Bowdoinham, we can stop in for a visit so you can see Tar and he can see you and maybe his momma. Would that be a good idea?


John S.


Yellow lab





The Robinsons | New owners of a Black Labrador Retriever puppy.

Steuben, Maine





Makenzie Thompson | Farmington, Maine

Chocolate lab


Hi Sherrye
Just wanted to share a picture of our Ali to you, she is doing wonderful and she is such an incredible dog, she's smart and so loving, she is with us at all times and travels with Julie all the time, we can't believe how we can love a puppy so much !! We are so happy that we found you guy's, who knows maybe we'll get Ali a playmate.

Thanks again



Hi Sherrye,
It's been nice to see a couple of our friends getting puppies from you! Anyone who asks where we got Bodie, we tell them to check in with you. Bodie is a fabulous dog. She is beautiful (people always comment), and she is so sweet. She's done over 275 therapy visits and is so good when she's working. Nothing phases her. When we get home she leaps out of the car and is a goofy, crazy Lab until her contained energy is spent. She is incredible. Attached are a few new photos. Hope we can send more people your way! Thanks!
Robin Guist

Kids and dog

Hi Sherrie - she's doing great!!! Couldn't be a sweeter pup.She does everything with us now and does great in the car. She's exactly what we wanted. Here's a picture of her from Memorial Day. We'll bring her into the vet soon to have her weighed and checked out. Tom




Well, the Moose/Tedy meet & greet went very well. It was very sweet. Gradually Moose got use to the idea of Tedy & then wanted to engage him in play. We were very careful so that Tedy didn't get squashed. :) It all went very well. The Sousa's are thrilled with him, & we're so happy that Moose will have a Mallard Point pal to grow up with. Tedy is a cutie! It was fun having a little puppy around again. Moose is doing great! He's such a handsome boy. We get so many compliments on the color of his coat & people always comment on what a beautiful looking dog he is & what a great temperament he has. He loves being with us & we just love having him as part of our family. His absolute favorite thing is to chase & retrieve tennis balls & play basketball with my son. He's a demon on the court! :) If he's in the house & Nick is out in the driveway bouncing the basketball, Moose will go to the window & cry because he wants to go out & play. It's pretty funny. Yet, he's just as content to be laying down at my feet snoozing or just relaxing with the family. He's the best of both! I've attached a couple of pictures of our recent kayak adventure. It was the first time with Moose. He was great! A couple of near tip overs because he didn't realize you can't walk around. But then we got him to lay down & he was fine. We were never too far from shore, just in case! Well, best wishes to you & your family. Take care, Lisa



It has been almost a year since we picked up Sam. We absolutely love him. Thought you might get a kick out these. Thanks again. Mary Price Maddox


The Flying Teddy

Hope you get a kick out of these...he is definitely a water dog..looks just like Jinx. Hope all is well with your family. Enjoy your summer, Jean



Hi Sherrye - I hope all is well with you and your family - some new Waffle photos with Nicholas swimming on Nantucket - lucky dog and lucky boy! Cheers, Anne

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