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Erinhill's Irish Bluff (AKA Joker)* Retired

Joker is OFA certified hip/elbows; his eyes are cleared annually

Joker has a really playful, loving personality and LOVES to retrieve.


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Cedarwood's Razz-Ma-Tazz JH, WC * Retired

Razz is a much loved family and hunting companion who demonstrates a great deal of hunting desire. He is awesome in the field and water. He produces very trainable puppies with exceptional temperaments. He is OFA good with normal elbows and his eyes are certified annually.


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Goose Pond's what Lola wants* Retired

Hips are good normal elbows eyes are clear.

Lola has a wonderful personality and is very loving. We are excited to have her in our breeding program.


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OFA good normal elbows eyes cleared annually.* * Retired

Alley is an upcoming hopeful. She is an Artic Storm daughter. Alley is 6th generation of Mallard Point breeding. We will update her page as soon as she is old enough to maintain her health clearances.

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Mallard Point's Puddleduck JH, WC* Retired

OFA Good, normal elbows and eyes certified annually.

Co-owned with Casey Bernier.


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Gabby* Retired

OFA good normal elbows eyes cleared annually.

Gabby has a very sweet personality. She is a loyal loving girl who loves to retrieve. She aims to please and is highly trainable.


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Mallard Point's Alexa* Retired

OFA Prelim @ 18 months good, PRA certified.

Co-owned with private party.


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Full of Beans


Puddleduck's Full Of Beans* Retired

OFA good with normal elbows and eyes are clear.


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Mallard Point's Ruthie* Retired

OFA Excellent, normal elbows and eyes are cleared annually.
Ruthie is a sweet, mellow and cuddly dog. She shows a great willingness to please.


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McDerry's Opal Lady (Katie)* Retired

OFA good with normal elbows and eyes cleared annually.

Katie is sweet girl who enjoys to be made of. She has an outgoing personality and just loves everyone!

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Mallard Point's Gage* Retired

Gage is a mild mannered dog with a wonderful disposition. He loves kids and other animals and is very gentle. His eyes are certified annually. His 18 month hip/elbow prelims were good. His two year OFA is good with normal elbows.


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Mallard Point Deja Vu (Mya)* Retired

Mya has her OFA hip and elbow clearance along with her eyes being certified yearly.

Mya is the sweetest mild mannerd dog you will ever meet. She is always by my side. She loves to retrieve and play but is happiest when at my side. She is much like her mom Paige.

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